In January 1966, the Road Safety Bill made it illegal to drink and drive with a blood alcohol content level at or over .08%. One year later, the breathalyzer was introduced to help police make informed, accurate decisions regarding intoxicated drivers. Even though drinking and driving has been illegal for over five decades, people still do this every day. By getting behind the wheel, they are breaking the law and putting others at risk.

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Georgia is tightening its laws on drunk driving and making the consequences for doing so severe. Our state implemented the Georgia Dram Shop Law, a law that holds establishments responsible for over-serving alcohol to an intoxicated person. There are elements to this law that must be proven in order to hold the establishment responsible:

  1. The employee served alcohol to an obviously intoxicated person.
  2. The employee knew the intoxicated person was going to drive and served him alcohol regardless.

If these elements are proven, the victim of the drunk driving accident can hold the drunk driver and the establishment responsible. By holding both parties responsible, you are making your community a safer place, as many establishments and drunk drivers change their ways after a legal consequence has been served.

How the WHGM Attorneys Can Help

If you’re the victim of a drunk driving accident, you need an experienced DUI law team on your side to prove the necessary facts. Our team will investigate the establishment and make sure the responsible parties are brought to light. Do you have questions? Contact us today.

We are passionate about making our state a safer place for our neighbors and friends. Every day of the year, take extra steps to stay safe on the roads and never drink and drive.