semi-truck accidentsSemi-truck accidents are often deadly due to the size and speed of the truck. To maintain safety on the road, both the vehicle driver and semi-truck driver must adhere to certain rules. Discover how you can help make Georgia roads safer and save lives:

Safety Tips for Vehicle Drivers

There are over 263 million vehicles registered in America. It’s no surprise that with so many people on the road, there are millions of car accidents each year. While some accidents are fender benders, other accidents are deadly. Semi-truck accidents are some of the most serious accidents that occur on American roads. If you’re driving near one of these rigs, adhere to the following tips to increase your safety:

  • Assume the driver cannot see your vehicle
  • Drive defensively
  • Give truckers plenty of space
  • Stay out of the semi-truck’s blind spots
  • When passing, do so quickly

Fortunately, if you and the semi truck driver take precautionary measures to ensure safety. The likelihood of an accident is significantly reduced.

Safety Tips for Semi-Truck Drivers

Semi-truck drivers have loads of responsibilities and work in a very high-paced industry. Because of this, you may feel rushed or push yourself further than necessary to complete a job. This, unfortunately, leads to many accidents on the road. And, because you are driving a vehicle that weighs four times more than the standard car, lives are at risk if an accident occurs. Take into consideration the following tips to avoid an accident:

  • Avoid high traffic times and places
  • Change lanes only when necessary
  • Get a good night sleep before a long drive
  • Leave plenty of room in front of the truck
  • Take extra precautionary measures while driving at night

When semi-truck related accidents occur, most people immediately blame the huge rig and its driver. But, in our experience, that is not always the case. Some vehicle drivers may dart in and out of lanes or travel too close to your rig. If you, the semi-truck driver or a vehicle driver, has been in an accident, contact the WHGM attorneys today for representation.