real estateBuying a home will most likely be the biggest purchase you make in your lifetime. So, it’s important to make this decision with extreme care and wisdom. Our real estate team has put together a list of tips to consider before purchasing your home.

Consider the details:

Get Prequalified for a Loan

Finding your dream home is exciting. It may be the first house you check out or it could be number 40 on your list. But, before you search for your next home, visit your bank to get prequalified for a home loan. Your bank will tell you how much they will lend you, which in turn will help you make a wise decision instead of an emotional one.

Visit Your Potential Home Regularly

If you saw your dream home during the day on a weekday, you may have been pleasantly surprised with how quiet the neighborhood was. But, make sure you visit your potential home again on a weekend or even at night on a weekday. You may see an abundance of cars parked on the street or kids hanging out in the cul-da-sacs. Driving by your potential home at different hours of the day (and on different days) will give you a feel of what to expect when you live there.

Consult a Real Estate Attorney

You’re qualified for a loan, you’ve found your dream home, and documents are set before you to make it official. However, it’s not uncommon for buyers to find clauses in the contract that they don’t agree with. We suggest that you consult a real estate attorney before signing this document. Our team is skilled and has extensive knowledge concerning what to look for in real estate contracts to ensure you are receiving the best deal.

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