product liabilityUnfortunately, America has seen an increase of product liability cases over the last few decades. As the competition rises between monopolies and companies, certain safety precautions may not be enforced, which results in catastrophic injuries or even death.

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Defining Product Liability

Product liability encompasses the area of the law concerning who is held responsible when a product malfunctions or has a negative effect on a person. The actual defect of a product can fall into three different categories: design, manufacturing, and marketing. In all three instances, a defect may occur that could cause safety issues.

Famous Product Liability Cases

Product liability cases are based on proving who is responsible for a certain malfunction. Determining who is responsible will result in how compensation will proceed. Several famous product liability cases include General Motors, Philip Morris, and Dow Corning:

  • GM has received unwanted publicity three years ago when many of its automobiles were diagnosed with faulty ignition switches that could lead to the engine completely turning off while driving.
  • In 2002, a woman who was diagnosed with lung cancer (due to her tobacco addiction) sued Philip Morris (a cigarette company) because of their failure to inform her of smoking risks.
  • Dow Corning and Corning Co. was sued by their customers who experienced a malfunction in their silicone breast implants. The implants would rupture causing injury and sometimes death.

How Can the Law Help?

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