probate lawyersIf a loved one passes and legal documents weren’t created beforehand, feelings of overwhelm and stress often consume family members and friends. Fortunately, the WHGM probate lawyers can help with legal issues that are demanding attention during such an emotional and trying time.

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There are many legal matters that need to be addressed in a timely matter after a loved one passes. We can help you with the following and more:

  • Creating an inventory of estate property
  • Establishing an estate account & marshaling the assets
  • Preparing an accounting of the estate
  • Providing notice to beneficiaries & heirs
  • Selling real estate property
  • Verifying & settling debts

The WHGM team of probate lawyers take it very seriously to care for our clients during such an emotional time. If a dispute arises between family members, we actively try to help our client make amends through a settlement. If a settlement isn’t possible, we will represent you at trial with care and expertise. We do not take it lightly that we are chosen to guide you through legal elements after a loved one passes. One of our recent clients, George E. Slappey Jr. said this about our team:

“Not only is WHGM made up of skilled attorneys, you are all approachable, easy to talk to, and genuinely interested in the client’s legal issues. [You provide a] very professional service with a friendly, sincere delivery.”

We have extensive experience creating wills, special needs trusts, health care directives, estate plans, and more. It’s never too early to create these legal documents to outline your wishes. By doing this, you are bringing peace of mind to your family and ensuring your wishes are met.

Let the team at WHGM help you with your probate needs. Contact us for a consultation.