In a matter of seconds, a car accident can cause your physical, emotional, mental, and financial state to go into a downward spiral. If your car accident injury forces you out of work, increases medical bills, or leaves you without a vehicle, you need compensation to keep your finances in order so you can focus on recovery. Allow us to answer a few frequently asked questions about car accidents and compensation:

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What does the term damages mean?

Damages refers to the amount of money awarded by the court to compensate the injured plaintiff. Depending on your case, your lawyer will seek compensatory damages or punitive damages.

What are compensatory damages?

Your car accident lawyer will seek compensatory damages on your behalf. Unlike punitive damages, compensatory damages are linked to specific elements of your case. For example, to determine how much compensation to pursue, your lawyer will calculate the wages you have missed and will miss from not being able to work, how much your present and future medical bills will be, how much it will cost to fix your vehicle, and more. These elements would fall under the compensatory damages category.

What are punitive damages?

Although not as common as compensatory damages in  car accident cases , punitive damages can be pursued if the defendant committed outrageous conduct. Punitive damages are not directly tied to a specific element of the case but are used to add an extra consequence on the defendant for his behavior. In Georgia, punitive damages cannot exceed $250,000.
What happens if I’m in a car accident with someone who is working?

If an employee is performing work duties – such as delivering a package – and hits your vehicle, it may be in the plaintiff’s right to sue the employee and the employer. However, it must be proven that the employee was acting within his scope of work and not on a personal errand. Your car accident attorney will determine if it’s possible to sue the employer.

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