legal documentA legal document is incredibly useful when situations arise that demand clear-cut decisions. In the event that you cannot make a decision yourself, well-written legal documents can carry out your wishes. Our team has extensive experience and thorough knowledge in many legal areas.

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Discover several ways in which we can help you:

Legal Document #1: Business Succession Plans

You’ve worked hard your entire life creating and growing your business. If something happened to you, do you have a plan in place that will carry out your wishes regarding your business? A business succession plan is vital to ensure your wishes are met. This legal document will help avoid any disputes and confusion among family members and employees.

Legal Document #2: Conservatorships & Guardianships

A guardian is an adult who is appointed to minor children in the event that the parents are unable to fulfill their responsibilities, or to an incapacitated adult who cannot handle his/her own responsibilities. Guardians are often appointed to handle personal and health-related needs. A conservator is appointed much like a guardian, but mainly handles financial issues.

Legal Document #3: Health Care Directives

An advanced health care directive states exactly what wishes you have in the event you are unable to speak for yourself. This document can cover any health-related, end-of-life treatments you are comfortable with such as the use of a feeding tube, ventilators, transfusions, and more.

Legal Document #4: Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney document becomes very useful if you’re not able to be at a certain place at a certain time. This document gives legal authority to the person you have appointed to act on your behalf. Examples of situations where the power of attorney document can be used include buying or selling property, signing contracts, paying bills, and government-related affairs.

These are only a few of many legal documents we can help you create. Additionally, we can answer any questions you have regarding wills, family trusts, estate plans, special-needs trusts, and more.

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