an elder male patient talking to a nurseIf you were injured on someone else’s property, your attorney will have to prove certain elements to strengthen your case. Fortunately, you can help him in this fight for compensation! Consider these four elements that will help your premises liability attorney as he seeks compensation for your injuries:

1. Obtain Causal Link Documentation

In a premises liability case, the defect on the property must be directly linked to your injury. If you are not injured in the incident, it cannot be considered a premises liability case. In addition to seeing a medical professional to treat your injury, it’s helpful to obtain a written statement from your doctor addressing how the defect caused your injury. Be honest with your doctor in your request for documentation.

2. Prove the Defendant had Prior Knowledge of the Defect

As the saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” If the defendant did not know the defect was present, it will be difficult to prove liability. However, there are ways to prove the defendant had prior knowledge of the defect such as written notices requesting maintenance, testimony from an employee stating how long the defect was present, prior incident reports, or video surveillance.

3. Document the Incident & Related Expenses

As time passes, your memory of the incident may become less clear. That’s why it’s important to write down the incident quickly following the event. Include every detail that you can think of such as the weather, witnesses, time of day, and more. Additionally, make sure to keep documentation of all expenses relating to the injury, as documented expenses are easier to seek compensation for in court versus undocumented bills.

4. Be Honest with Your Premises Liability Lawyer

Your premises liability lawyer will fiercely represent you in court with the facts that he has from you and per his own investigation. It’s vital that you are honest with your lawyer to ensure the greatest chance of being awarded compensation.

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Dealing with an injury and a lawsuit can overwhelm even the most steadfast person. Our premises liability attorneys can help you through this trying time to fight for compensation. It’s vital that you file your lawsuit within the statute of limitations to ensure validity. Contact us today with your questions.