handshake after an exit interviewNo one likes turnover, especially in a company that they’ve put countless hours and hard work into. Unfortunately, it is bound to happen, and it’s important to learn from these employees! As always, our attorneys are here to help with any and all employment law matters. Discover how to handle an exit interview to best benefit you and your company.

Form a Pleasant Environment

During an exit interview, you can gather valuable information from the departing employee. To do that, you must create a pleasant environment in which she will feel comfortable. For example, the employee may not feel freedom to speak her true feelings if there are five of her bosses in the room or if she senses hostility. A pleasant atmosphere can allow for a productive exit interview.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

The big question you want answered during an exit interview is “why are you leaving your position?” But, there are many other questions that can be answered that will benefit your company, such as:

  • How can this company improve?
  • What aspects of your position did you dislike/like?
  • How can we improve the employer to employee relationship?

Shy away from close-ended questions that only produce yes or no answers. These types of questions will not give you a beneficial amount of feedback.

Pay Attention

Of course, it’s important to pay attention to what your departing employee is saying but also what she is not saying. If you sense that she is monitoring her words or seems closed off, encourage her that her feedback is valued, and it’s needed to better the company. If she senses that her anxiety about the exit interview is ill-founded, she will feel more comfortable to express the reason why she is leaving.

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