a depressed womanThe loss of a loved one can turn your world upside down. If you’re pursuing a wrongful death claim, we do not want you to go about it alone, as the legalities can be overwhelming. Here are four ways your wrongful death lawyer can help you during this trying time:

Help You Gather Evidence

To prove wrongful death, the plaintiff must submit evidence of negligence. Negligence is any action – or in some cases, the failure to act – that falls below the expected standard of care. Your wrongful death lawyer will show the burden of proof that the defendant’s actions caused the fatality. In a wrongful death case, quality evidence overrides quantity. Your wrongful death lawyer will help you gather high-quality evidence through his own connections, reaching out to experts, and meeting with witnesses, if applicable.

Handle the Legal Paperwork

Many wrongful death cases are settled short of the courtroom, meaning that many defendants will agree to a settlement instead of taking their chance in front of a jury or judge. Both a courtroom trial and settlement hearing demands extensive legal paperwork. Your wrongful death attorney will complete the paperwork by the deadline and make sure you are not overwhelmed by it.

Allow You to Grieve

Death can bring up intense emotions in people – anger, sadness, desperation. A good wrongful death lawyer will be sensitive to your emotions while taking the reins on your case. You must be allowed to grieve even though a lawsuit is being conducted.

Offer Explanations & Keep You in the Loop

You’ve likely never had to pursue a wrongful death claim, so it’s important to understand what’s going on and what you should expect. A good wrongful death lawyer will answer all your questions, offer thorough explanations, and keep you in the loop of what’s going on without burdening you.

Our Lawyers Are Here to Help

A personal injury or catastrophic injury can easily turn into a wrongful death case if medical workers act negligently during surgery or rehabilitation. Our team will approach your case with compassion and respect, as we know this is a difficult time for you. Don’t hesitate to call us with questions: 478-987-1415