In our recent article, we discussed some of the major complications a home inspector can encounter as they perform the home inspection. To recap, we looked at some of the most commonly found problems, including:

  • Inadequate plumbing
  • Poor wiring
  • Water damage
  • Worn out roof

In this article, we’re examining even more issues that the inspection can uncover, like:

Foundation Problems

A healthy foundation is crucial to the overall function of your home. If your home inspector discovers issues with the foundation, you could be left with necessary but costly repairs should you purchase the house. In some cases, foundation problems can be side effects of other issues with the home, such as water damage from poor drainage.

Signs of foundation issues include:

  • Cracks throughout the foundational areas
  • Doors that do not latch
  • Sticking doors or windows
  • Uneven floors

Drainage and Grading Complications

As mentioned in “Foundation Problems,” drainage issues can lead to significant complications with your foundation. Proper drainage allows water to drain from the home correctly so as not to create water damage throughout the house. Drainage is connected to the home’s grading. Poor grading will cause water to collect at the base of the home, which can lead to major damage over time.

Signs of poor drainage include:

  • Basement leaks
  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Moisture in the crawlspace
  • Rot or mold in the foundation
  • Wet or spongy ground at the base of the house

Signs of poor grading include:

  • Interior doors that swing when ajar
  • Uneven floors
  • Uneven interior doors
  • Uneven windows

Low-Quality Gutter System

A gutter system that is broken or damaged in any way could lead to significant water problems now or in the future. Gutters are designed to capture rainwater runoff from the roof and drain it away effectively. If the gutters do not allow proper drainage, water or moisture could find its way into the walls and cause troublesome damage.

Adding or replacing gutters is an easy, affordable fix compared to the cost of correcting the gutter-related water damage.

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