hands-free lawThis past summer, Georgia enacted a law that drastically changed what you can and cannot do with your cell phone while driving. And, with the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s important to remind yourself and your loved ones about Georgia’s hands-free law. Discover the answers to frequently asked questions:

Can I still talk on the phone while driving?

Yes! Georgia’s hands-free law allows you to talk on the phone, but you cannot hold your phone in your hands or in your lap. That’s why many people have bought a car dashboard mount to safely place their phone.

Can I text if I’m at a stop light?

No, you cannot text if you’re at a stop light, stop sign, or anything of the like. The only time you can text in the car is if you are legally parked. If you need to communicate with someone while driving, use hands-free technology, such as Siri, to complete commands for you.

Am I allowed to use my GPS?

Yes! Before driving, you can turn on your GPS, insert your destination, and start on your way. Please note that this is the only type of “video” you can watch while driving according to the new hands-free law. You cannot watch videos on the Internet, record yourself, FaceTime, and participate in other video-related activities.

What happens if I am caught using my phone?

It’s up to the police officer who pulls you over. The Georgia law enforcement is taking this new hands-free law very seriously, as it has been proven in other states to drastically decrease car accidents. If you are caught using your phone while driving, you may get a ticket and have points placed on your license.

Can I use my phone to report an emergency?

Absolutely. If you are witnessing a crime, fire, car accident, a medical-related injury, or another type of emergency, you can call 911.

Unfortunately, people are still using their phone while driving. This type of distracted driving is incredibly dangerous and can result in car accidents. If you are the victim of a car accident, please don’t hesitate to contact our attorneys for legal representation.