When you apply knowledge to skill, you can enhance your safety on the road while riding your motorcycle! Discover four facts about motorcycle accidents, then adjust your riding to increase your safety:

Right-of-Way Violations Contribute to Motorcycle Accidents

Many motorcycle accidents occur because vehicle drivers cannot see the motorcyclist due to low visibility. Because of this, the vehicle driver may think he has the right-of-way, and a collision may follow. To optimize your visibility, wear reflective gear on top of light-colored clothing. Always have your motorcycle headlight on, day or night.

Impaired Vision Can Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Eye protection can dramatically increase a motorcyclists’ safety due to its ability to block debris, rain, and other elements constructing the rider’s vision. Many motorcyclists opt for a helmet with a built-in visor or driving goggles. Decrease your chance of blurred or obstructed vision by always wearing eye protection.

Helmet-Use Decreases Fatalities in a Motorcycle Accident

Upon impact, a motorcyclist can easily be thrown from his bike due to a lack of safety equipment, such as a seatbelt or airbags. Therefore, it is vital to always wear a DOT-approved helmet when riding your bike. If you are thrown from your bike or hit a foreign object, your head is protected, and you decrease your chance of sustaining a fatal brain injury.

Lack of Formal Training Contributes to Motorcycle Accidents

Many motorcyclists are self-taught or were taught by family members. While this type of training is okay, it shouldn’t be your only training. We encourage you to seek out formal training that will teach you the rules of the road and how to handle dangerous situations.

Reach Out to Your Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

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