Many people have misconceptions about advanced healthcare directives. They believe that this type of directive is only for the elderly or people with an illness. However, young and perfectly healthy people can benefit from creating an advanced healthcare directive, too. Consider the following frequently asked questions about an advanced healthcare directive:

Why should I make an advanced healthcare directive if I’m healthy and young?

While it may not be on your mind when you’re young and healthy, a healthcare directive can greatly benefit your life. Accidents or life-threatening illnesses can occur at any time. Therefore, it’s important to make a healthcare directive when you have a healthy mental state. You can think through what wishes you’d like the doctors and your family to honor if the need arises.

What information should I put into the document?

The purpose of an advanced healthcare directive is to make your medical wishes known, specifically concerning end-of-life treatment, if you are unable to voice them yourself. Many people include their wishes concerning the following:

  • Blood transfusion
  • Breathing or kidney machine
  • DNI orders (do not intubate)
  • DNR orders (do not resuscitate)
  • Organ donation

Our attorneys can discuss with you a comprehensive list of what to include in your healthcare directive.

What if I change my mind about an item in the document?

We encourage you to re-visit your healthcare directive annually or when you see fit. It’s common for people to alter a medical wish as they age or if circumstances change. If you want to update your healthcare directive, contact your attorney.

Why should I hire an attorney to assist me in creating this document?

An advanced healthcare directive needs to be written clearly and cover all bases. During this emotional time, your family may want the doctors to do something different than your wishes. However, your healthcare directive that you have created with an attorney will supersede your family’s wishes.

Do you have questions about an advanced healthcare directive?