corporate lawFor over 50 years, our firm has practiced corporate law and transactions in Georgia. With over 200 years of combined experience, we have the knowledge and experience needed to guide you through your corporate law needs. One of our services we provide to aspiring entrepreneurs is help with the formation of their corporation. Corporate law attorneys can aid you during this exciting time in various ways such as:

Help You With All Aspects of Business Start-Up

Forming and legalizing your business demands many different aspects to be met. For example, you will need to ensure code compliance, contract law, intellectual property law, and more. With a skilled attorney’s help, you can be confident your business is set up correctly and thoroughly.

Assist You With Employee Matters

If you’re starting your business as a one-man shop, that’s no problem. But, if you choose to hire employees, there are a set of rules and regulations you must follow to abide within the law. A corporate law attorney can help you add, change, or draft an employee handbook. He can also advise you on employment law matters, if needed.

Legitimize Your Business

It may be tempting to legitimize your business on a do-it-yourself website or ask for help from a friend. But, there is a difference between drawing from an attorney’s skill and trying to weave through this legal maze yourself. An attorney can help legitimize your business through completing legal documents and ensuring state and federal laws are met.

Save Your Company Money

When you try to start your own business by yourself, you may miss an important aspect or accidentally fill out paperwork incorrectly. This can be costly in the present and future. When you team with a corporate law attorney, he knows exactly what needs to be done and how to get it done thoroughly. This will save you money (and stress) in the long run.

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