Long Haul Semi-Truck Rolling Down a Four-Lane Highway at Dusk

Because of the size difference between a semi-truck and a vehicle, the driver and occupants of the smaller vehicle often sustain injuries if a collision occurs. It’s vital that you pursue legal justice so you can be compensated for your injury and receive money to pursue treatment and recovery! Consider these common injuries sustained in a semi-truck accident:

Spinal Cord Injuries

Messages are constantly being passed from the brain to the spinal nerves in order for reflexes or movement to happen. These spinal nerves are part of your spinal cord, and your spinal cord is protected by vertebrae. If your spinal cord or vertebrae are seriously injured, those messages cannot get to where they need to be! This can cause paralysis below the injury site. A semi-truck accident can cause spinal cord injuries to occur in a blink of an eye.

Head or Neck Injuries

Whiplash is a major factor in semi-truck accident injuries due to the force at which your vehicle hits the semi-truck or guardrail. When whiplash occurs, your body stays in place (if you have a seatbelt on) but your head is forced forward. This sudden movement can cause your head to have impact with an object such as your steering wheel or dashboard. It can also cause neck injuries to form hours or days after your accident due to muscle swelling.

Burns or Amputations

Semi-trucks carry more fuel than the average vehicle. Upon collision, the fuel tank could rupture and cause a fire to spread rapidly. Even if you weren’t directly involved in the semi-truck accident, the fire could spread to your nearby vehicle.

Amputations may happen if your bones are crushed in the accident or if you endured a burn that is beyond repair. You must have medical treatment and therapy to teach your body how to navigate a new life without a part of your body.

Organ Injuries

In a high-impact vehicle collision, organs can easily be crushed, ruptured, or bruised. This can cause serious issues in the future because your organs are not able to function properly. Treatment and therapy will be needed to help the victim pursue a normal life.

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