cell phone useWith the increase in technology, there has also been an increase in technology-related car accidents. More people are driving distracted and putting lives in danger. It’s vital to know the rules about cell phone use and driving so you can make sure to drive safely and inform your loved ones about what the law says.

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Is it legal to text and drive?

No matter your age, it is illegal to text and drive. It is important to note that while texting is illegal, anything regarding interacting with your phone while driving is also illegal. For example, simply reading a received text is against the law. Other illegal actions include accessing your email, browsing the Internet, or anything else that diverts your eyes to your phone instead of the road.

Is it legal to talk on the phone and drive?

If you are over the age 18, you are allowed to talk on the phone and drive. (Many cars provide the option for hands-free cell phone use by connecting your phone to your car’s Bluetooth system. This is a safer way to talk on the phone and drive). However, if you are under the age 18, you are prohibited from using both hands-free and handheld devices. If you are caught breaking the law, a fine equal to or greater than $150 is given along with a point against your license.

How does the license point system work?

Along with a hefty fine, many people receive points on their license if involved in a serious driving violation. If a driver accumulates 15 points within a 2-year period, his or her license will be suspended. The seriousness of the violation will determine how many points are issued. For example, aggressive driving constitutes as six points while operating a vehicle while texting is one point.

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