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Meet WHGM’s Founding Lawyer Larry Walker
Larry Walker founded the solo law firm that became Walker, Hulbert, Gray & Moore in 1965. He was born in Perry in 1942, and aside from his time at the University of Georgia, where he received both his undergraduate and law degrees, he has lived in Perry his entire life.
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Get to Know Us Better: About WHGM
Walker, Hulbert, Gray & Moore, LLP is the largest law firm in Houston County. Together, our eight lawyers have over 200 years of combined legal experience and practice in several areas.
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Trials (Maybe Not the Kind You’re Thinking About) Growing out of Practicing Law in a Small Town
Larry is widely recognized by his peers for his exceptional achievements in the legal profession. Larry reflects on his years of law practice as a solo and small firm attorney in the following paper, which he wrote and first presented at a 2011 Urgent Legal Matters Seminar and which he again presented at a State...
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