In 2020, Georgia ranked among the top 5 states with the most fatal car accidents. For your safety and the safety of others, please be attentive while you drive and never participate in distracted driving. If you’re in a car accident, we can help. First, let us answer three frequently asked questions about car accidents in Georgia:

Is Georgia an at-fault state?

Yes, Georgia is an at-fault state relating to car accidents. This means that when the police officer shows up at the scene, he will assign fault to one or both of the drivers. There are three ways fault can be assigned: to one party, to both parties equally, or to both parties in different proportions. No matter what fault was assigned to you, it’s important to have a car accident attorney review your case to see if a lawsuit is appropriate.

Do I have to call the police?

According to Georgia law, you are required to call the police and report the accident if any of the following occurred because of the collision:

  • An injury
  • A fatality
  • Property damage totaling a minimum of $500

Even if you don’t see an obvious injury or if you think the property damage is less than $500, call the police. Unseen injuries can surface and worsen days or weeks after the car accident, and property damage can quickly add up in cost. When in doubt, it is best practice to call the police when you’re in a car accident. The police officer’s report of the accident can be extremely helpful in court.

Should I visit the doctor even if I don’t notice an injury?

Yes! Make an appointment with your doctor as quickly as possible following your car accident. Your doctor can assess your condition, record notes, and prescribe medicine if needed. Visiting the doctor immediately following a car accident is creating a medical paper trail that can be used in court to link your injury to the accident. This way, your car accident lawyer can pursue compensation to cover your current and future medical bills.

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