happy couple moving into their new homeSummer is an opportune time to move! The kids are out of school which provides plenty of time to pack, move, and adjust to the new home and neighborhood. Before you begin your real estate journey, consider the following tips to ensure success:

Buying a Home Tip #1: Put Money Aside for Emergencies

When you rent, you likely don’t have to deal with costly issues such as a broken HVAC unit or water heater. But, once you own a home, those responsibilities fall in your lap. It’s important to have a couple thousand dollars set aside for unforeseen emergencies. We understand that saving money can be difficult when you have debts to pay. Before starting this emergency fund, do your best to pay off all debts.

Buying a Home Tip #2: Determine What You Can Afford

Beautiful, luxurious homes often have a lofty price tag on them. When you’re deciding where you want to live and the type of home you want to live in, be mindful of the cost. Dave Ramsey, a financial expert and businessman, suggests that your entire household costs (mortgage, insurance, utilities, etc.) should be no more than 25% of your total income. This way, you have plenty of money left over each month for fun, emergencies, and the like.

Buying a Home Tip #3: Think About the Future

It’s easy to get lost in the here and now and find a house that fits your needs today. But, it’s important to think about the future and what is likely to come. If you have kids or want to have kids, research local schools and daycare options. If you have pets, a big yard with a fence might be on your must-have list. We recommend writing a list of everything you need and/or want and find a house that meets the most criteria!

Buying a Home Tip #4: Talk to an Attorney

Buying a home is an exciting process, but it can be overwhelming with so many numbers and papers you must sign. We would be happy to look over the documents and answer all your questions. We can spot any issues that may cause problems in the future and help you get the best deal!

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