product liabilityChristmas is days away, and the shops seem to be getting busier and busier with excited Georgians searching for the perfect gift to give their special someone. When you buy your Christmas treasure, we know you aren’t thinking about it being defective or the possibility of it causing a personal injury. Frustratingly, products are placed on the shelves that can potentially hurt your loved ones. Discover the three ways a product can be defective and how we can help:

Product Liability: Poor Design

If a product has been designed poorly, it’s likely that the entire line of products is dangerous to the consumer. Frustratingly, a poorly-designed product can still be made “up to code” during the manufacturing process. So, the issue may not be discovered until it has been bought by consumers and the product causes an injury.

Product Liability: Defective Manufacturing Process

During the manufacturing process, it’s likely that many people have their hands on the product which increases the risk of a defect occurring. A manufacturing defect is any issue that arises during the manufacturing process. This type of defect is incredibly dangerous because the product was not made or put together correctly. And, if you’re not able to see the defect, you could get hurt without realizing the cause.

Product Liability: Insufficient Warnings & User Manual

With every new product, there needs to be adequate warnings and a user manual that clearly states how to work the product. If the warning labels do not convey accurate information, serious injury may occur. Also, the user manual must hold detailed and applicable information. The injury must be sustained from an issue occurring that is not obvious to the consumer.

A personal injury case can arise from product liability cases. If you’ve been injured, contact the WHGM attorneys immediately for representation.