man suffers back pain in his vehicle

Inaccurate information about personal injury cases are stopping victims from pursuing compensation and justice. Allow us to debunk three common personal injury myths:

Myth: I don’t need to file the lawsuit right away.

If you’re the victim in a personal injury case, it’s important to pursue legal action as quickly as possible. There is an important element in the legal world called a statute of limitations, which sets a maximum time allowed for a victim to initiate legal action.

In a personal injury case, the statute of limitations is two years. Your Walker Hulbert Gray & Moore lawyers recommend pursuing legal action right after the injury occurs, as this will allow for the evidence to be fresh.

Myth: I don’t feel hurt, so I won’t receive compensation.

One of the recommendations your lawyer will give you is to seek medical help immediately following your accident even if you don’t feel hurt. Minor injuries, or injuries you’re not even aware of, can become severe in time. Your doctor will determine the state of your injury and what type of medical care is needed in the present and future.

During your personal injury case, your attorney can request compensation to cover medical bills related to the injury. Your doctor’s legitimate documents will help solidify your attorney’s requests.

Myth: The negligent person will pay me out of their own pocket.

You don’t need to feel guilty about someone else having to pay you thousands of dollars out of their own pocket because that normally isn’t the case. In most personal injury cases, the defendant’s insurance company will have to pay the financial damages that the judge awards to you.

When this case is over, you may have a long recovery journey ahead of you and the last thing you need to worry about is how to pay for your medical bills and lost time from work.

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