Born and raised in Perry, Georgia, John Walker graduated from the University of Georgia in 1995, with a BBA in Marketing.  Later, John attended Mercer University School of Law, obtaining his Juris Doctorate in 2002.  Upon graduation from law school, John joined Walker, Hulbert, Gray & Moore (“WHGM”) in Perry, Georgia.

Initially, John practiced in general civil litigation and handled a broad spectrum of cases, including personal injury claims, insurance defense litigation, divorce & custody disputes, contract disputes, commercial litigation, and probate matters. This experience, representing both claimants and defendants, on a wide range of matters, laid the foundation for John’s current law practice and the “pragmatic approach” he takes for his clients.  John seeks to find common ground on the “front end,” when possible, but pursues litigation, when necessary, to achieve optimal results for his clients.

In 2014, John and his brother Russell formed the law firm of Walker & Walker, LLP. Thereafter, John narrowed the scope of his practice, focusing solely on personal injury and wrongful death claims, representing individuals, or their family members, for serious injuries or death caused by the negligence of another, including claims involving automotive and tractor trailer accidents (motor vehicle collisions), slip & fall accidents (premises liability), dog bite incidents, professional malpractice, and products liability.

In 2023, John rejoined WHGM as a partner with the firm, where he continues to represent claimants for serious injury or death. These individuals are often dealing with difficult life challenges, which can be emotional and overwhelming.  At the same time, timely steps must be taken to preserve all potential rights of recovery through a claim for negligence, such as notifying insurance carriers, obtaining and preserving evidence, etc. This requires the assistance of a knowledgeable, experienced attorney, who can focus on the claim, allowing clients to focus on healing and recovery, or grieving the loss of a loved one.

An effective personal injury attorney will assess all potential claims as to liability, related damages (both actual and general), and the ability to recover for such damages, through insurance or other means. Damages may include medical costs, lost wages, mileage expense, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. John Walker thoroughly investigates his clients’ claims, often visiting incident scenes, interviewing witnesses, obtaining written, audio and video evidence, etc.  John also assists his clients with their medical needs, working closely with doctors and specialists to achieve the best outcome for his clients.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence of another, call John Walker today.  John has handled hundreds of injury claims and numerous jury trials, recovering millions of dollars on behalf of his injured clients or their family members.