In the event of a divorce, alimony may be ordered if one spouse earned more money than the other. It is usually ordered if a spouse chose not to work or receive an education in order to raise children. If you’re facing a divorce, our attorneys want to help!

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Unfortunately, there are several myths regarding alimony that are simply not true. Consider the truth behind these four myths:

Myth 1: I will receive alimony for the rest of my life.

The length of time that you will receive alimony depends on many factors. However, it will not be for the rest of your life. Alimony is given until you can find a job and support yourself financially. Other factors contribute to it expiring such as your children no longer need a full-time parent at home, you remarry or retire, or the date ordered by the judge has arrived.

Myth 2: I will receive a substantial amount of money.

Again, the judge takes in many different factors while deciding how much your spouse will pay you. However, it’s not meant to allow you to live extravagantly without having to work. Alimony is meant to cover basic needs until you can provide for yourself.

Myth 3: If infidelity or abuse was involved, I will receive more money.

Judges are taught to make their decisions objectively and without bias. Most judges will look at the facts involved and decide how much alimony you should receive based on the numbers. The reason you’re getting a divorce most likely will not affect how much money your spouse owes you.

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