divorceMost everyone gets married with the intention of fulfilling the “until death do us part” segment of their vows. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. If you think your marriage may be headed toward divorce, it’s important to have the best divorce lawyers on your team.

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3 Red Flags to Watch For

With divorce on the rise, it’s understandable that many people want to know what to watch for with signs that their marriage may be heading toward divorce.

Conflicting Value Systems – People change over time and it’s important to keep an open and honest line of communication concerning what’s most important to you. Big issues such as religious beliefs, how to raise your children, or what constitutes a healthy work/life balance are a few conflicts of interest that cause divorce talk.

Poor Conflict Resolution – When two people get married, there will undoubtedly be fights and arguments. However, how you find resolution in those tough times is a critical sign of how healthy your marriage is. If you are constantly going to bed mad at each other, not speaking for days at a time, or any type of abuse (physical, mental, or emotional) is involved, separation may be imminent.

Little or No Communication – Many people put their marriage on hold when they start having kids or begin their dream job. But, when the kids move out of the house or you lose your dream job, you may suddenly realize the person you’re married to is a stranger. Over the years, if you don’t communicate with each other, you and your spouse may find yourselves in our office asking guidance.

How We Can Help With Your Divorce

When navigating the divorce process, you need a skilled family law attorney willing to fight your case for you. We not only have the knowledge necessary to help but also the compassion needed during this difficult time. Our firm has resources, comprehensive legal services, and accomplished attorneys with a client focus.

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