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Trials (Maybe Not the Kind You’re Thinking About) Growing out of Practicing Law in a Small Town

Larry is widely recognized by his peers for his exceptional achievements in the legal profession. Larry reflects on his years of law practice as a solo and small firm attorney in the following paper, which he wrote and first presented at a 2011 Urgent Legal Matters Seminar and which he again presented at a State… Read More »

Remembering America’s Goat Man

By Larry Walker January 27, 2014 If you are a southerner, especially a native of this part of Georgia, and are between the ages of 40 and 80, chances are you saw the Goat Man, his iron-wheeled wagon loaded down with pots, pans, old car tags, hay for his goats, signs (Prepare To Meet Thy… Read More »

Hay Fever and The Mowing Business

By Larry Walker January 6, 2014              I was probably twelve years old or close to that age.  This would have been 1954, or thereabouts – pre-television, air-conditioning (at least for us), etc.  Perhaps I was entering puberty, and perhaps not given my size and physical maturity.  If I was, I assure you I didn’t… Read More »

Larry’s 2013 Books Report

  By Larry Walker December 23, 2013 Oddly, I begin my 2013 book report with talk about two 2014 reads. “Can’t be,” you say, “2014 isn’t here, yet.” Ah, but I know. It’s those two books that arrived in the mail, last week, from Dink and with clever inscriptions in the front, written on an… Read More »

The Life of Robert Burns “Bobby” Jones, III

By Larry Walker December 2, 2013 Bobby Jones was a simple man and one of my heroes. He was born on October 18, 1942, and died on November 26, 2013. But these two dates, while significant to family and close friends, are not what is important. What is are the 71 years between the two… Read More »

What I’m Thankful For, 2013

By Larry Walker November 18, 2013 Let me tell you a few of the many things I’m thankful for, and it is just a few of many. I’m thankful for turkey sandwiches on white bread with real mayonnaise, a few Frito-Lay Classic Chips and some sweet ice tea.  Perhaps a scoop or two of Blue… Read More »

Why I’m Thankful To Be Southern, Y’all

  By Larry Walker  October 21, 2013  Confession is supposedly good.  So I will.  I got my idea for this from the title to an article in Janice’s November 2013 edition of Southern Living in their online version called Why We’re Thankful To Be Southern.  I haven’t read their version, but here’s mine.  Ten… Read More »

Looking For Gold In All the Wrong Places

By Larry Walker August 5, 2013 The Confederate Gold. With maturity, I have concluded that in all probability there was no Confederate gold. What little gold Jeff Davis and staff had left, by the time they started their southwest flight from Richmond and down through Georgia (where he was captured), had probably long since… Read More »

Georgia vs. Clemson: 1982, 2013

  By Larry Walker August 6, 2013 On Saturday afternoon, August 4, I as going through a box of old photographs, law school papers, letters, etc. when I saw it.  It was a Wednesday, September 8, 1982 article that Lewis Grizzard wrote about the Monday night (the first time the new $800,000.00 lights went… Read More »

Bert, Bobby Lee, Zell and Shirley

July 17, 2013 By Larry Walker   It’s early Sunday morning, July 14, and I’m sitting here thinking about the last two days.  What did it all mean? Was it all real? Was it as significant and profound as I think it was? I pick it up again. I read it, again, as I’m sure… Read More »